Minecraft Pi Contest Entry: PI House + How to Build


Introduction: Minecraft Pi Contest Entry: PI House + How to Build

Here is my Pi Day contest entry: a Pi shaped Minecraft house! I will show you how to build it yourself so you can make it too! The blocks you will need are: Any block, glass block, and any door. I recommend you use the same wood for the building block and door so it looks better. (for example: birch wood; birch door, oak wood; oak door, etc.) Let's see how to make it!

Step 1: Build It!

Now let's get to building it!


1: Outline/first layer

2:Add the doors

3: Layer 2a: Make gaps for windows(windows are optional)

4: Layer 2b: Fill gaps with glass for windows

5: Layer 3

6: Layer 4

7: Make floor(I used wood; you can use any block you want)

8: Add ceiling

Step 2: Done!

Now it's done! Now you can do whatever you want with this I don't care what! You can live in it, have a pi party in it, do whatever! Hope you liked my Pi house! Cya

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    Its good but I think it should be scaled up a bit more so there's more living space :)

    2 replies

    As a suggestion, you could also make a very big basement.

    Wow! That's pretty cool! Made one in the Windows 10 Edition. :D

    Oh shoot. I was used to making KNEX ones and accidentally put KNEX instead of Minecraft. Sorry about that.