Picture of Minecraft Pixel Art
If you want me to do a tutorial on any of these comment on the one you want?!!
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Step 1: Lock

Picture of Lock

Step 2: Alien

Picture of Alien

Step 3: Mail

Picture of Mail

Step 4: Nerdy Guy

Picture of Nerdy Guy
This was very hard to make

Step 5: Easy And Simple

Picture of Easy And Simple

Step 6: Iron Sword

Picture of Iron Sword

Step 7: Unibrow Steve

Picture of Unibrow Steve

Step 8: Carrot

Picture of Carrot
Too easy

Step 9: Butterfly

Picture of Butterfly

Step 10: Truck

Picture of Truck
Made by Keralis with a few kinks

Step 11: Elemental Sword

Picture of Elemental Sword

Step 12: Diamond Armor And Shovel

Picture of Diamond Armor And Shovel

Step 13: Iron Axe

Picture of Iron Axe

Step 14: Gold Ore

Picture of Gold Ore

Step 15: Derpy Pokemon Trainer

Picture of Derpy Pokemon Trainer

Step 16: Team Rocket Ball

Picture of Team Rocket Ball

Step 17: Cyndiqual

Picture of Cyndiqual
I don't now how to spell that pokemon ,,,,, hardish

Step 18: Gold/Budder Sword

Picture of Gold/Budder Sword

Step 19: Gold Armor

Picture of Gold Armor

Step 20: Washington Husky

Picture of Washington Husky

Step 21: Spray Can

Picture of Spray Can

Step 22: Golden Apple

Picture of Golden Apple

Step 23: Diamond

Picture of Diamond

Step 24: Smile

Picture of Smile
Love the Nerdy Person!
I made elemental sword a bit different
photo-20-04-14 14:48.jpgphoto-20-04-14 14:48.jpg
Ur tutorials are awesome could u make on on iron sword
Minecraft PE pro (author) 1 year ago
Pokemon farts
Ryhorn121 year ago
Minecraft PE pro (author) 1 year ago
No I made a Steve from Google then added a unibrow
Sammi114021 year ago
The unibrow Steve is just Hwnt from youtube
Minecraft PE pro (author) 1 year ago
Yeah want a tutorial
Alien looks like plankton.