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This is an original design by me ogaitan ( orlando gaitan) I really like this plane it's simple but looks awesome it's more like an old school plane I use it in my world war 2 map!(haven't put it to download) so let's begin!!

Step 1: Meterials

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Ok so first the materials you'll need


Stone brick stairs

Stone slabs

Half walls(not mossy)


And light grey carpet

Step 2: To the SKY!!!

Picture of To the SKY!!!

Make a tower as much as you want(to make your plane in the air) I making mine right beside my 1st one so that it looks as if their friends!

Step 3: Replace

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Replace the topper block on the tower with a double stone slab

Step 4: Body

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Place 2 upside down stone brick stairs in front and back of the double stone slab and 1 stone slabs after that on both sides

Step 5: Tail

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Make a 5 block long tail using stone(starting on the double slab) you should have 2 stone hanging on the back.

Step 6: Place

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On the last block of the tail place a stone block on top and a stone slab beside it

Step 7: Back Wings

Picture of Back Wings

On the last black place 2 stone slabs on both sides

Step 8: Make Seating Area

Picture of Make Seating Area

Ok using stone make this shape (place a stone on top of the stair an place the 2 blocks on the sides then remove the 1st block on this step).

Step 9: Front

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Next make a 3 block long front using stone starting on the slab(it should nave 2 block hanging over

Step 10: Add Glass

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Add 2 glass block on the front(as showed) and light grey carpets on top of the glass

Step 11: WINGS

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Make wings starting on the seating area make them 4 slabs long :)

Step 12: Missile Holder

Picture of Missile Holder

Ok now you can skip this step if your planing on a friendly plane but if you don't then place a slab under the second slab of the wings

Step 13: Propeller

Picture of Propeller

This is what makes it look old school add the propeller on the front place a half wall then extend it by one half wall on the top and bottom of the first half wall

Step 14: MOAR Materials

Picture of MOAR Materials

Equip the following


Nether brick




Step 15: SEAT

Picture of SEAT

Make a seat on the middle of the seating area with a rail and a cart on top

Step 16: Missiles

Picture of Missiles

Under the missile holder make place a nether brick and two beside it then a TNT on the front on both sides (optional)

Step 17: Option

Picture of Option

If you want you can make the missile fire use the cobwebs as effect but remember that the missile takes the holder with it it does not stay on the plane

Step 18: Make More

Picture of Make More

More=more awesomeness, I made 3

Step 19: Done and Thanks

Picture of Done and Thanks

That's it how to make a plane hope you liked it I mean look you can even ride it please follow me for more cool stuff and THANKS!!!!


eitaknella18 (author)2016-01-28

I've seen planes before, just never figured out how to make one. I love this idea, thanks!

EpicMinecrafter870 (author)2015-01-18

ur kidding right? I built a gunship in mcpe that tops this 100X

craftclarity (author)2014-05-06


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