Introduction: Minecraft Pocket Edition Incinerator

Whether u have lava or cactus u can make an incinerator from them

Step 1: The Lava Incinerator

U need to make a square and make a back to it. Make a hole in the middle and put lava in it

Step 2: The Cactus Can

Make a 3x3 hole and put a sand block in the middle of it. Fill in the corners with whatever.make another layer with dirt but leave the middle uncovered. Then add a back to it.


EmeraldOre made it!(author)2014-03-09

Nice, maybe it would look a little bit nicer if it wasn't made of dirt, though? Anyway, I'm definitely going to make this! An idea: Instead of lava, netherack and fire.

Animal+fan made it!(author)2014-01-19

Why do you need this

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captain+camo made it!(author)2013-09-23

Burn items

the+great+gardener made it!(author)2013-09-07

What is this supposed to do?

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