Picture of Minecraft Pocket Edition Mob Cannon
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Today I'm going to show how to make a cannon that can shoot any mob animals, monster, or yourself!
You can also make this in PC and Xbox version
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Step 1: You Will Need

Picture of You Will Need
You will need:
1. Any building block
2. Any mobs
3. Cows

Step 2: Create A Platform

Picture of Create A Platform
First create a 3 by 4 platform out of any building block.

Step 3: Load The Cows

Picture of Load The Cows
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Create two funnels out of any building block and fill them with cows. (It's okay if the cows head are sticking out)

Step 4: Fill In The Holes

Picture of Fill In The Holes
Fill in any uneccesary openings or holes but keep one of the sides open.

Step 5: Launch!

Picture of Launch!
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Simply just place a mob in the hole and kit will launch (note: sometimes a mob will not launch if this occurs punch the mob so it falls off and try again)

Step 6: Launch Yourself!

You can also launch yourself! Just jump into the hole and you'll launch to!
Orange Shadow (author)  Sparkle kitty 29 days ago

Yes? What about them?

Austydude3 months ago

Well explained, although I'm pretty sure that's a minecraft glitch, but hey those are fun too.

i don't think its a glitch because when you run into a mob it pushess you so im guessing the it builds up and that's why you go so far