In this instructable, ill be showing how to make a automatic mob farm in Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Step 1: The materials:

For this mob farm, you will need:

A flat area to build it on

4-5 stacks of cobblestone(or any other material)

1 and a half stacks of trapdoors

1 diamond pick, or 2 iron, or 5 stone

1 iron shovel, or about 2-3 stone

1 stack of ladders


some kind of house unless you swich to peaceful while building.
Do mobs spawn in MCPE:Lite?
Only zombies
I've waited 20 minutes with no luck. Any ideas?
It's been 10 minutes and it isn't working :( help!?!
<p>mobs spawned but they didn't fall down so I added a channel from the Middle of each wall with water flowing to the centre. This washed them down.</p>
What if I didn't get a 1x1 hole at the end? But a 3x2 hole
What version is this for? Will it work on 0.9.5?
<p>please add more pictures in detail of inside..</p>
Why do you need trapdoors?
The Mobs Think that they are full blocks, and Will try to Walk on them
Take pictures of the inside I can't see the rest

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