Picture of Minecraft Pocket edition: Mob Farm
In this instructable, ill be showing how to make a automatic mob farm in Minecraft: Pocket Edition
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Step 1: The materials:

Picture of The materials:
For this mob farm, you will need:

A flat area to build it on

4-5 stacks of cobblestone(or any other material)

1 and a half stacks of trapdoors

1 diamond pick, or 2 iron, or 5 stone

1 iron shovel, or about 2-3 stone

1 stack of ladders


some kind of house unless you swich to peaceful while building.

Step 2: Start building!

Picture of start building!
Start by making the walls, there is no special size you need to build, just make is as big (or small) as you want.

Build the walls 3 blocks high.

Step 3: The Roof

Picture of The Roof
when the walls are done, youll need to make a roof

Then, you should probably put some torches inside

Step 4: The channels

Picture of The channels
Dig a channel 1 block from the wall. 
Then, dig another one 1 block in from the first channel, and continue to do that
until you have reached the middle of the room

Step 5: Diggin Down

Picture of Diggin Down
Dig down 2 more blocks in the outer channel.
Then dig out the space inwards.

Step 6: Continue Diggin down

Picture of Continue Diggin down
Now, repeat step 4 and 5 until you have a 1x1 hole.

Then, dig straight down for 25 blocks and make a small room.

Step 7: Diggin UP

Picture of Diggin UP
Dig about 15 blocks straight to the side of the room, then start digging up and placing ladders.

When you are up at the surface, youll probably need to mark where the hole is, i did this with a small "house"

Step 8: Trapdoors

Picture of Trapdoors
Then go back into the farm and place trapdoors in every channel.

When that is done, open all the trapdoors

Step 9: Almost done!

Picture of Almost done!
Then, remove all torches and make shure that there isnt any hole in the walls.

And..... The mob farm is done!

BUT....... It can take some time until it starts spawning mobs...

But when its running it can produce up to about 1000 drops/hour.

To use the mob farm, all you have to do is to stand in the small room under the farm and whait, BUT..... do not stand right where the mobs lands, if you do that they can damage you

the drops on the second picture is after about 5 minutes
GummiBear2 years ago
Do mobs spawn in MCPE:Lite?
rallekralle (author)  GummiBear2 years ago
Only zombies
alex.flint.395 months ago
It's been 10 minutes and it isn't working :( help!?!
JamesG97 months ago

mobs spawned but they didn't fall down so I added a channel from the Middle of each wall with water flowing to the centre. This washed them down.

What if I didn't get a 1x1 hole at the end? But a 3x2 hole
What version is this for? Will it work on 0.9.5?
maxed071 year ago

please add more pictures in detail of inside..

jabette2 years ago
Why do you need trapdoors?
rallekralle (author)  jabette2 years ago
The Mobs Think that they are full blocks, and Will try to Walk on them
kevinngho2 years ago
Take pictures of the inside I can't see the rest