Minecraft Pvp Map: One in the Chamber





Introduction: Minecraft Pvp Map: One in the Chamber

One in the Chamber is a game-mode in the popular game Call of Duty. I though it would be fun to make in minecraft. You play exactly like the game so I don't really need to explain it. Any question you may have feel free to ask. Features:

-Powerful bow to be "the gun"
-One arrow for 1 bullet
-If you hit the person with the arrow they WILL die
-Wooden sword to be the "knife"
-5 lifes each
-Up to 4 players
-Custom named items
-Responsive design [Won't glitch easily]

Please leave a comment on what you think :d



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    Enchant it

    Do you know how to make very high power enchantments with the enchant command?

    You can give extreme enchantments with the /give command:

    /give @p minecraft:bow 1 0 {ench:[{id:48,lvl:10}]}

    this gives you a bow with Power 10.

    "minecraft:bow" can be replaced with any item prefixed with "minecraft:"

    "id" is the ID of the enchantment. it can be replaced with any ID here:


    48 is the ID of the Power enchantment.

    "lvl" is simply the level of the enchantment.

    I didn't use the /enchant command. I used TooManyItems.

    Alright, but when you're using the /enchant command, are you able to make enchantments higher than normal?

    No, you can only use it to get enchantments that you would be able to get by using an enchanting table.


    I made mine so that it releases monsters at you.

    Explain...I'm confused.

    I think he means a mob vs. player arena.