Minecraft Rainbow Beacon


Introduction: Minecraft Rainbow Beacon

I saw a rainbow beacon in Minecraft Story mode and thought it would be an awesome idea to make one in minecraft. This does not work exactly like the one in minecraft story mode. But it is still pretty cool. You can choose any colors you like.

Step 1: The Beacon and Pistons

First, start by making a beacon. Then start adding the sticky pistons, blocks, repeaters and redstones the same way in the pic. One piston resembles a color. The repeaters are set on one tick delay.

After everything is set. Place your favorite stained glass blocks on the sticky piston.

Step 2: The Clock

The number of repeaters in the system is equal to the delays in the clock.

Step 3: The Starter and TheThis on Off Switch

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    it sometimes it works the reason it does not always work is that its to fast so the colour does not change (I even set it to the last tick)