Minecraft Redstone Powered Door





Introduction: Minecraft Redstone Powered Door

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Step 1: Materials

2 Sticky Pistons
About any 2 stacks of any block
About 30 Redstone
1 lever

Step 2: Make the Door

Make the door and walls this might take about 30 diamond blocks

Step 3: Redstone

Add some Redstone right from your lever (where the sticky pistons are) and make some blocks for the Redstone to touch the pistons

Step 4: Tryin It Out When It Is Done

Try it out when it looks like this.
Pull the lever and if the inside disappears and its replaced with diamond block it works.

Step 5: Now Make Your Room




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    5 Discussions

    By the way, you can press F2 to take a screenshot. You're welcome.

    By the way, you can press F2 to take a screenshot. You're welcome.

    But it's real the structure is so big and powerful if you have to much doors running at the same time it's creates the biggest lag that it can crash your Computer.

    It's just my game lagging I forgot to close that out since my laptop has a few viruses on it!

    Thanks for the question,Austydude

    That is one powerful door. Was it enough to keep the Windows virus warning from entering your abode?