Minecraft Rollercoaster




Introduction: Minecraft Rollercoaster

Hi this is how to make your own rollercoaster! This is perfectly not deadly, 2 pigs have tested it (no pigs were harmed).

Step 1: The Start

The start is to put blocks in the form of a stair way. Then like you can see in the picture put blocks up and sideways. If you want you can definitely decorate the middle.

Step 2: The Tunnel

This is super simple ( is it a plane is it a bird) just make tunnel downwards. O and bay the way destroy the block at the beginning of the tunnel .

Step 3: 3 Pyramids

Make one pyramid with 3 blocks one with 9 blocks and one with as many as you want. O hi ted do you like my roller coaster?

Step 4: The Pigs

Were are the to pigs Tim and Ted aka the safety dummies. The end is were!



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