Introduction: Minecraft Safe House

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in this awesome instructable by EG himself formally Anntenna guy I will show u how to make a awesome survival house in MCPE

please leave comments and.please follow me: if i get a good amount of views,comments,hearts: i willmake another MCPE tutoriel?

Step 1: Start

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build a house out of bedrock like so

Step 2: All This Stuff

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add all this stuff and in the chest add swords, shovels, etc.(anything u might need)

Step 3: Now

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then dig down to the cave when your in ur house and make a way to escape ur house and get out of

Step 4: At the Reg Door

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at your regular door make a "WOOD" frame and dig down aways

Step 5: EG: Add Lava

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ad lava like shown in it

Step 6: Put Cobwebs

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put cobwebs in :like shoe

Step 7: Put a Roof on It

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put a roof on it

Step 8: Since We Have Been on Creative

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we have been on creative put a zombie or anything mob in cobweb and it won't move but go down and burn in lava make sure you can get out of your cave to the outside world

Step 9: Electric Guy

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I was Anntenna guy now its EG:
check out my other MCPE tutorial s

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hot to make a powered train tack on Minecraft PE and
more coming soon

I might make one on how to install mods but I need at least 500likes
a bunch of comments
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Gdawgeo04 (author)2016-10-12

That's cheap

electric guy (author)Gdawgeo042017-02-22

then it will just have to be

electric guy (author)Gdawgeo042016-12-20

how so?

electric guy (author)2016-03-24

this is made for survival so when your done switch it form creative to survival:-)

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