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This is an awesome build. When you push the button the fireplace opens up and you can walk downstairs into a secret room then you push the button on the inside it closes in the fire comes on again same thing if you close it from the outside. I made this in xbox 360. Hope you enjoy.

Step 1: What You Need

What you Need is

5 brick slabs

24 Bricks

3 netherrack

5 sticky pistons

2 redstone torches

1 sand

2 redstone repeaters

8 redstone dust

3 dispensers

2 stone buttons

1 piston

6 blocks (to put redstone on)

103 blocks of choice ( I used Quarts)

Step 2:

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First make a 6x6 hole in the ground it needs to be too deep. Then on the second floor walk from the right place a sticky pistons facing up and place one of your brick half slabs on it then to the right of the piston place a block with redstone on it then place a piece of redstone dust in front of it a block on top of that. 2 more blocks next to the red stone and a repeater going into the block and a redstone torch next to it.

Step 3:

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Next to the redstone torches place 3 sticky pistons the first one should go off. Then placed three dispensers on top of them and a block to the right of the hop of the dispensers with dust on it. Now go into sneak mode and put dust across the 3 dispensers the sticky pistons underneath should go off. Put dust under the first sticky piston.

Step 4:

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Attached to the sticky pistons 3 pieces of netherrack. Then put three blocks of bricks over the dispensers then put two more brick slabs attached to the first slab you placed.

Step 5:

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Next to that piece of redstone you placed under the first sticky piston big one down and place a redstone torch then place a sticky piston 1 block away from that. And put a block on the sticky piston and one behind it. On the block behind the sticky piston place a repeater going into the piston. Behind the block the repeater is on place a poison then facing up with a block of sand on top then place a block next to the piston with redstone dust on it.

Step 6:

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Put a button on the side of the block you just put the dust on then put another block up from that with dust on it and then another block up from that with another button on it.

Step 7: Fix It Up

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Now put your fire charges in the dispenser by going around to the back. Now just fix it up by adding walls and the rest of your bricks. Put stairs going down into the room and put walls and stuff to straighten it up. And put a room around the Redstone. I hope you enjoyed this instructable. Don't forget to vote.


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This is fantastic! Really nice design. I love secret entrances :D


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