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Introduction: Minecraft Secret Garden

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this is is my first instructable so don't be rude. this is a secret garden like the one Sofia had on the show Sofia the First. I made it with blocks of leaves, vines, doors, torches, and flowers in creative mode. this is what the secret garden looks like on the outside.

Step 1: Floating Vines

First you make a straight line with blocks of leaves. then put vines on them. then break all the blocks except for the top one and the vines will be floating. then keep going all around until you make a big square.

Step 2: The Doorway

make a wall of leaf blocks behind the vines and put 2 doors in it and fill the top in if you want to.

Step 3: The Inside

put leaf block walls on the inside of it. then put torches in the corners. then put flowers in it to decorate it and then you have your secret garden.



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    i will show you an updated picture of it with sky lights. : - )

    that sounds cool! thanks for the idea!

    Just a tip, but the leaves will eventually break and disappear if they are not placed on wood blocks

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    That's true in a sense. According to the wiki article, if the leaves are grown as part of a tree, decayable = true. If the leaves are placed by a player, decayable = false. Does this make sense?

    feel free to add anything extra to your garden.