Minecraft Server Info for Pocket Edition!!!!





Introduction: Minecraft Server Info for Pocket Edition!!!!

Yes they have servers :D for ISO users. If you read this you will know but comment and follow me And I will choose 5 people and they will get a multiplayer for minecraft pe which is $3.00 and how it will work I will get your email and il email those people the iTunes username and password and they can download that app

Step 1: I Will Be Showing Small Pics

If u want to get on my server there is a app that cost money and I will choose 5 people and I will give them a iTunes account with that app on it :D

Step 2: This Is a Short Pic of Our Church


Step 3: What's Really Close to Being Done

If u have any suggestions you can email me them at GhosKiller27@gmail.com

Step 4: Some of the Basic Houses We Have

Step 5: Inside Our Church

So thanks please follow me and il keep you updated :) don't be afraid to email me or comment. Thanks peace out



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    Really stupid question and I don't think that I'm wrong but if you want to join a game with some one else they have to be in that same wifi network to make it work so really making sever world on pe is kinda pointless. I really don't mean to offend

    aweith, u don't have to be on the same wifi with servers. I play with friends from around the world all the way in London. Just like Life boat. I know this is two years later but still!

    What's the name of the server

    I like your church idea I'm probably going to use it for my iPod I already builded the church but I like your idea to

    can i join plz? i have the app already and i will let u join my awesome multiplayer for minecraft pe server if u arent a griefer and its a town world

    Hey ghost killer could u sent it again to pspheart@hotmail.com I forgot my password sorry for the trouble dude ;)

    It's for pe and I'd have people keep watch il worry about it I need to build more