Minecraft Server Info for Pocket Edition!!!!





Introduction: Minecraft Server Info for Pocket Edition!!!!

About: I do minecraft. And other games

Yes they have servers :D for ISO users. If you read this you will know but comment and follow me And I will choose 5 people and they will get a multiplayer for minecraft pe which is $3.00 and how it will work I will get your email and il email those people the iTunes username and password and they can download that app

Step 1: I Will Be Showing Small Pics

If u want to get on my server there is a app that cost money and I will choose 5 people and I will give them a iTunes account with that app on it :D

Step 2: This Is a Short Pic of Our Church


Step 3: What's Really Close to Being Done

If u have any suggestions you can email me them at GhosKiller27@gmail.com

Step 4: Some of the Basic Houses We Have

Step 5: Inside Our Church

So thanks please follow me and il keep you updated :) don't be afraid to email me or comment. Thanks peace out



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    Really stupid question and I don't think that I'm wrong but if you want to join a game with some one else they have to be in that same wifi network to make it work so really making sever world on pe is kinda pointless. I really don't mean to offend

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    aweith, u don't have to be on the same wifi with servers. I play with friends from around the world all the way in London. Just like Life boat. I know this is two years later but still!

    What's the name of the server

    I like your church idea I'm probably going to use it for my iPod I already builded the church but I like your idea to

    can i join plz? i have the app already and i will let u join my awesome multiplayer for minecraft pe server if u arent a griefer and its a town world

    Hey ghost killer could u sent it again to pspheart@hotmail.com I forgot my password sorry for the trouble dude ;)

    It's for pe and I'd have people keep watch il worry about it I need to build more

    If you have a Skype let me know

    Well what that's talking about Is for pc users

    Ok there's a app for servers and I was going to get admins

    Also to point out that I do own sever and it's not smooth ride because, you really have to look at the others like they are going to rob you of all your stuff , and thus why people made plugins for sever to help manage the severs, and it does take it's own time and really I do see the passion your love to this game so for further adew I shall leave ~ the dirt king

    Send it to shadowslayer2357@hotmail.com thanks ;)

    No cuz I'm making a new iTunes account for the people and ima use little by little to by stuff then they can sign in and get the app sign out and sign back in there's

    if u give somebody ur username and password couldnt they buy every thing they want to?