Introduction: Minecraft Shaped Sword

Video link below, for some reason video link above doesn't work on mobile. I'm new to instructables so I might be doing something wrong.

In this video I show you the steps I use to make a Minecraft shaped sword. I show you how to enlarge a picture using MS Paint so that you can make a template for the shape. I use this same method to cut out large shapes or figures which I will cover in upcoming videos.

I do not go in to the process of painting it so that it looks exactly like the sword. The painting process would require me to make a separate video.

I made these for my kids and they really enjoyed them. As soon as the swords were ready they began going on Minecraft quests seeking out zombies and the Ender dragon.

The mats I use I purchased at Sam's Club (qty. 8 for $23.00) but they can be bought online on Ebay or Amazon.


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