In this tutorial I will show you how to design and print a Minecraft Shovel.
You can eat your yogurt with this.

Questions for Make- to- Learn Contest:

What did you make?

I made a small 3D extruded shovel from the game of Minecraft that could be useful as a small spoon or just a geeky decoration.

How did you make it?

To make this I created a model of it in SolidWorks (Such a terrible program. I would much prefer Autodesk Inventor but sadly cannot afford it!)

Where did you make it?

I worked on this project in the 3D Rapid Prototyping lab of my school.

What did you learn?

I learned that I learned that it is fun to be able to create something out of nothing and have it be extruded on a 3D printer and watch it come to life right before your very own eyes.

Step 1: Create the Sketch

Open up a new sketch in SolidWorks. Use Sketch Tools ------> Sketch Picture. Then choose the photo of the shovel.

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