Hello everyone! Today I will show you a guide for people who want to start survival worlds!

Step 1: Grabbing Some Wood

First you must take 3 pieces of wood from a beautiful tree. Don't take more or you'll be having too much wood.

Step 2: Crafting

First you must make a crafting table a pair of sticks and save the left over wood.

Step 3: Making Items!

Last make the wood and sticks out of a wooden axe and Pickaxe so you start mining and making wood!

Step 4: Shoutouts

I am starting shootouts to the people who told me to make this and inspired me to make it. The shoutout goes to: ZiggZaggZebra! She does al lot of survival worlds so she inspired me. You can be inspire me next time so just leave me comment and like!
coo man, coo. also you may want to check out voltz! I'm doing a few instructables on it so just hit my name and you'll see them! Hope your inspired by that!

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