This is a simple cheat way to make a skyscraper structure in minecraft pe/PC/360

***NOTE*** do not make this next to the edge if the world or one side will not be done as seen in mine.

Step 1: Height

Build a 25 high stone pillar

Step 2: Frame

Build an 11x11 square and then break the pillar

Step 3: Lava

Put lava around the outside of the 11x11 square

Step 4: Wait...

Wait for the lava to reach the ground

Step 5: Water

Put water on the top of the 11x11 square

Step 6: Wait...

Wait for the water to run down to the bottom of the lava and make it cobblestone

Step 7: Cover Up

Put stone blocks on top of the water to stop it flowing

Step 8: Wait...

Wait for the water to drain and then tidy up the bottom and outside of the skyscraper and then you have your outside structure of your skyscraper
<p>nowdays people use /wand or /we</p><p>it takes less than a second depending on the speed of the pc</p>
I was thinking this takes years but I could do it in 10 mins!!! Thx
<p>Good idea! :)</p>
<p>I wouldn't call that a cheat, I'd just call it a clever use of resources.</p>
Thanks man!
This is actually one if the first GOOD minecraft instructables

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