Today we will make a small house in Minecraft.

Step 1: Getting Started

To get started you will need:

* Yellow Wool

* Blue Wool

* Stone

* Stone Slabs

Step 2: Base

Start with a 12x12 square of slabs.

Step 3: Floors

Start by placing stone inside the slabs. Next add yellow wool in a checkered shape and then fill it in with blue wool.

Step 4: Walls and Roof

Add walls four blocks high and a roof made of slabs. Next make door holes two blocks wide.

Step 5: Part Two

Next you will need these four items:

* 2 wooden doors

* glowstone

* Stone Stairs

Step 6: Glowstone

Add glowstone for some lamps in the four corners and the middle. Now add some doors.

Step 7: Bench

Add a bench with stone stairs.

Step 8: Done

The resource pack I used is called SimpleCraft, you can find it HERE.

Here are some pics without the resource pack.

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Nice dog pic It's cute and nice job on the house 5/5 for the project

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Bio: I like to play Minecraft PC, if you want me to build something leave it in the comments.
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