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Introduction: Minecraft Snow Modern House

My first instructable is on minecraft this is a house I made I hope you like it and build it .I'll try make more houses as soon as possible :)

Step 1: Materials for the House

The blocks you'll need are cobblestone, spruce wood(logs), snow, glass, cobblestone slabs, and cobblestone half walls

Step 2: Place Spruce Wood

Make 3 blocks tall pillers(6 in total) as showed (I used the half walls and gates to help you count the block separation the place with diamond blocks is gonna be the entrance

Step 3: Break

Break the half walls fences and diamond block(BUT remember where the entrance is

Step 4: Fill the Spaces Between the Logs With Cobble

Make sure it's only 1 block tall

Step 5: Make a "door"

In the entrance make a "door" using snow 3 blocks tall with 2 holes on the middle (bottom part)

Step 6: Make It Fancy

Put a slab in front of the entrance and put 2 cobblestone blocks beside it then top them with half walls

Step 7: New Layer

Ok time for the good part, on top of the cobblestones (aside from those on the entrance) put a 1 block layer of snow on top of all those cobbles

Step 8: Another Layer

Top that snow with some glass

Step 9: Almost Done

On top of that glass put more snow then connect that layer of snow with glass, (and also on top of the logs)

Step 10: Now the Floor

Make it whatever color you like. I'm going to make an alternative white and black pattern

Step 11: Alternate

Step 12: FURNITURE!!!!!!

I'm going to put a bed and side stands for furniture and a fridge (you can put more stuff)

Step 13: Done

That it hope you like it I'll make more houses soon



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    I built the ORIGINAL KSP VAB in minecraft, it takes a lot of work

    u could add a trap door for example

    cool but try adding some defences

    nice house did you made i am gonna build it in my ideas world like all ideas i wanna build in that world and wanna keep forever if thats possible

    Thank you I'll make more soon ;)

    Nice idea good looking house as well :)