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This machine sorts your stuff and puts it in its own chest. I hope you enjoy & don't forget to vote.

Step 1: What You Need

What you need is

13 hoppers

6 chests

4 trapped chests

4 Redstone repeaters

4 Redstone comparators

4 Redstone torches

24 blocks (of your choice)

8 Redstone dust

23 of each of the 4 things you want to sort (in my case diamonds, iron, gold, emeralds,)

4 item frames

Step 2:

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So to start go up 4 blocks and place 5 hoppers pointing to the left. Then place 4 more hoppers pointing to the back. (like you see in the picture)

Step 3:

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Now place another row of hoppers pointing forwards.

Step 4:

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Now in front of the row of hoppers you just placed make a platform that is
2 X 4 then behind the hoppers make what you see in the 2nd picture. Then underneath it place your 4 repeaters.

Step 5:

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Now go over the repeaters on the blocks and place 4 Redstone comparators and put them on subtract mode the put your 8 Redstone like you see in the picture. Then underneath the bottom row of hoppers place your 4 Redstone torches.

Step 6:

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Now on the platform you made earlier place your chests and trapped chests. first a normal then a trapped and so on. Then above the first hopper you place the one that does not have anything under it place a normal chest. Now following the picture place a chest at the end of the top row of hoppers.

Step 7:

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Now go to the second row of hoppers and in each one put 18 of the thing you want it to sort (I put diamonds emeralds, iron, gold,) in the first slot and 1 in each other slot. You should have 1 of each item left.

Step 8:

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Now place your item frames underneath your chests and put in them the things you want them to sort. by what hopper you put them in.

Step 9: How It Works

How it works is you put your stuff in the top chest it goes into the hoppers and the hoppers sort them into there own chest and if you put something that does not belong it goes into the other chest. You can make it as big a you want.


KieranM30 (author)2017-04-29

Infobob to share. Comparator: Measure block state not subtract mode. Traped chest are used so you can place individual chest next to eachother. You can also use an anvil to name blocks to fill the dispensers attaced to the comparator.

pokpal (author)2017-04-07

Help!!! I know I did everything right but the stuff I put I in won't go in the chests except the wrong stuff. Any tips guys.

MyNameIsNotBob (author)2017-03-05

it only goes in the traped chests

leoparda1219 (author)2017-01-21

Help!! I tried to make this, but the comparators turned on, and it didn't work. Also, Chests cant be put next to each other for some reason. Any explanation?

JosephL63 (author)leoparda12192017-02-25

You have to use an alternating pattern of regular chests and trapped chests. They can only be placed together like this.

You have to use trapped chests

24jaidinsmith (author)2017-02-18

It did not work,Dont know why

JasonC397 made it! (author)2017-01-09

i expanded your design to 14 chests for my mine... now i just need to add on some extra bits to send ore/coal to furnaces and return the smelted items!

Midday_soul made it! (author)2016-10-01

Thanks so much! So useful and easy to build!

HIHI811 (author)2016-09-30

Amazing, and it works like a boss!! (my way of saying you're awesome)

Mysterious_Gal (author)HIHI8112016-09-30

lol thx dude :D

Hackerdcd (author)2016-08-24

Great tutorial, worked perfectly on 1.10.2 Minecraft. Now just how big do I need to make it to sort everything.

EnialisBlack (author)2016-02-19

Items tended to collect in the lowest row of hoppers when I constructed this. I repeated "Step 7" with the third row and it seemed to work just fine. I run v1.8.1 with MCPatcher as it may just be a version issue. Thank you for showing me a very simple and resource friendly item sorter that can be put together in minutes. Keep up the good work.

kevanchristian (author)2015-02-16


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