Minecraft Speedboat





Introduction: Minecraft Speedboat

Step 1: Start

First you make the boat triangle shape like this. Make sure you make a cone shape on the top or else you'll mess up.

Step 2: Tiles

Next you break any ground surface on the bottom of it then replace it with Quartz or Polished Andesite.

Step 3: Steering Room

You must now make a steering room so when you put the seats/stairs you leave a place open for a fence gate. Put some slabs that you see.

Step 4: Storage

You now make a storage on both sides. Make a fence gate no door for entrance.

Step 5: Peddle/Finish

Now make a peddle like this on the back then your done!



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That, I must say, is awesome. WOW

just found it but I love it I don't really ha e comments on my instuctables either

Sweet! no offence, but I just got into this instructable. don't worry, you'll get heaps of comments soon. Promise.

Please don't cry. :| cheer up :D :P :)

Why isn't anyone commenting this instructable?I think is because they don't appreciate any feelings and now I am crying!:,(