Step 1: The Base

Dig out 3x5 and fill with quartz.

Step 2: The Frame

Just follow the pics

Step 3: Finishing

Remember the holes in the roof? Fill them with water. Any questions, comments or concerns you wish to share?
Does this work for ps3 as well?
shouldn't you make it look like mars on the other side?
<p>wow im going to do what pianoman did this is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome!!!</p>
Does it actually take Steve to the moon<br>
<p>Wow! I made this and it's so cool! </p>
Cool! I made it on the side of a mountain! I literally hollowed out it. I actually made the mountain bigger (still hollow) that literally covered more than half of my world! Inside the mountain I put diamond blocks on the top (the top went all the way to the sky) , the bottom (the bottom went all the way to bedrock) , and the walls to make it look like the sky. After this, a block high from the floor, I put quartz slabs so it looked liked the clouds. I started to change the frame of this &quot;portal&quot; to glowstone so it looked like an Aethers (heaven in minecraft) portal. I made little chunks of land and a quartz capitol to really make it look like the Aether! This project took me 2 years to accomplish. Now, I had an Aether!!!!!! From Earth to Aether!!!! I REALLY wish I could send you pictures but I don't know how to root my tablet. :'(
<p>Just download the Instructables app and you can post any pictures you have</p>
<p>for a cool mcpe video build the portal and walk through it, then switch the colors to inverted colors and just edit that out.</p>
Does it work
IT SURE WORKS FOR ME!!! Look at my last comment on this page.
What does it look like on the other side? <br>
Or maybe get rid of the water and stick a portal inside!
No prob
Cool I should do that thx
It's a reference to an old movie (stargate). It refers to a portal from one world to another.
What is a stargate?
Only if you invert colors when you come out:)

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