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Introduction: Minecraft Starter House

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Hi guys!

This is an instructable on making a minecraft starter house. I saw StrikemMCPE37229's instructable "Minecraft starter kit" or whatever the name is and it gave me an idea on making a starter house. By the way check his instructables out too. Hope you enjoy.

Step 1: Make the Base

Step 2: Fill It Up

Step 3: Make the Floor

Step 4: Make the Doors

Step 5: Make the Roof

Step 6: Make the Windows

Step 7: Outside

Step 8: Inside

You can add other furniture but I'm just being simple here. Check out my Cool minecraft furniture instructables

Step 9: Done!

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    youry the best mcpre buldea!!!

    (sorry for the miss spells im Irish)

    Wow! yiu are good At Furniture and Buildings

    Well she didn't really copy u she said that she saw StrikeMCPE's instructable and got an idea