Need a project for when you're away from your crafting table (computer desk)? Bring a bit of the Minecraft world into real life with a cuddly little creeper pal!

The creeper's blocky geometric shape makes this a great beginner project for people unfamiliar with sewing. Also it's your best shot at giving a creeper a hug without it costing you the north wall of your house.

Step 1: That's a very nice EVERYTHING you have there...

Picture of That's a very nice EVERYTHING you have there...
     Erasable Marker - you can find one made especially for fabric at any craft store
     Fabric Shears - Aka big ol' pair of scissors
     Sewing needle

     Green Fabric (fleece is good) - About half a yard should do, go to the fabric store if you don't feel like punching sheep and cooking cacti
     Matching spool of thread
     Fiberfill - Stuffing
     Either black embroidery thread or black fabric scraps
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Nonie11 made it!5 months ago

Hey ! I'm 15 years old and I make this creeper for my brother's birthday :) I think it's so cute. But I stick baize for the eyes ans the mouth. :D

Ps : Sorry if there is mistake, i'm french ;)

epic4cookies6 months ago


LucieL17 months ago

It is very cute! I am a french girl but i understand the tutorial and i also wish to do it.

I <3 creepers. Very nice job!

I know a kid who's going to love this for Christmas, thanks!!

minecraft creeper.jpg
Pandahx339 months ago

I want to make a "life size" one in a minky fabric. :D

Pandahx33 made it!9 months ago

My creeper. I named him Martin. I made him over two years ago, so he has some wear and tear (I did use this pattern). I love him but he's starting to get worn from too many creeper cuddles, so I'll probably be using this pattern again, to make a new one. :D


What color fabric do you use?

Spadinator made it!1 year ago

here's mine.....

Spadinator1 year ago

Finished my Creeper tonight! Great instructable!

Omg!!! So cute!!! Can't wait to make one I thought it would be super complicated and stuff, but it actually looks semi easy!!!
rgoring1 year ago
made a creeper for my husbands birthday. Meet 'Hissy', my 2 year old daughter wants one now so will have to scale it down and make her a small one to play with her toys.
Great instructable, thanks.
sunstar41 year ago
Sooooooo gonna make one for my bro and myself. Thats so wicked thanks. I luv minecraft!!!!! Lolllllllsssssss!!!!!!!!!
fom20031 year ago
this is sôooooooooooooo cool but mine is a different color
mutlny1 year ago
arpruss1 year ago

My 11-year-old daughter also found some nice fleece at Joann's at 50% off after Christmas. She was initially worried that there would be a ton of hand-stitching, but eventually found that she could actually do quite a lot of it by machine. Here's the Creeper she did having a picnic.


Hahaha awwww its super cute! great job <3

spiffy9562 years ago
I found some green fleece with mixed light/dark in it. Thanks for the great instructions. This was my first time trying to hand sew and it turned out awesome.
Do you have to hand sew or can you use a machine?
I hand sew it but you probably could use a machine.
DucttapeNinja (author)  spiffy9562 years ago
That came out perfect. Well done!
I'm making one of these for my brother because we both love minecraft!

Totally made one for my kids Bday, cool deal.
Stevie21 year ago
Cool. U should make a Stevie
so cuuute!!!
Gime gime
How do you get so popular?!!!!!!!
for moving TNT
I always felt like they were just misunderstood explosives... All they ever want is a hug, and when you reject them, they just explode! Hahaha!
Miniman1122 years ago
This is Awesome!!!
replay2902 years ago
My puppy loves your creeper DucttapeNinja! She goes gaga for it and nibbles the feet.
bjoey2 years ago
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emo kitty2 years ago
I wanna make one
Is it possible to stitch the head and body together with a sewing machine without having to slip stitch? Except for the back, of course...
replay2902 years ago
DucttapeNinja can you use cotton balls to stuff the creeper?
DucttapeNinja (author)  replay2902 years ago
I don't see why not.
replay2902 years ago
P.S DucttapeNinja do you play Minecraft? BTW you don't have to punch/ kill the sheep you can shear the sheep. You can dye the wool by punching cactus in the desert biome and then you put the cactus or cacti in the furnace with coal and wait,then put the wool and green dye in the crafting table and DER YOU GO :3
DucttapeNinja (author)  replay2902 years ago
Hehe, yeah. I made this Instructable back when Minecraft was still in beta, when you would shear sheep by punching their wool off.
replay2902 years ago
Really, I had no trouble, everything was smooth sailing and I've been working with a plush toothless, it came out perfectly but the creeper was really easy but the seams would show and I had like an inch to sew.
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