Step 2: Anatomy Of A Creeper

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Thankfully, Minecraft's pixelated graphics and geometric shapes make the creeper one of the easiest patterns you will find. For my pattern I translated every two pixels into one inch.

Head: 4" X 4" X 4"
Body: 2" X 4" X 6"
Legs: 2" X 2" X 3"  - Make four of these

Map out the panels for each side of these boxes on your fabric. Be sure to keep about a half inch allowance around the edges of each outline. Keep in mind that you do not need to cut out the top side of the body because it is closed off by the creeper's head.
When you cut the pieces out do not cut along the lines you drew. Instead, cut about a half-inch  to a fourth-inch outside the line.

The pieces should be easy to recognize, but if you think you will have trouble mixing them up I suggest labeling each part, or cutting out only the pieces of the section you are working on.
mortier1232 years ago
One inch is 2,54 cm.
I'm sssssssatisfied...

rlawless4 years ago
Hey can you make translate the inches into cm? Because inches are to damn hard
Racer_X4 years ago
I worry about what happened after that screenshot was taken...
jwoo20234 years ago
I did:
4 pixel = 1 inch
Music man4 years ago
I take it that 1 pixel=1 inch right?
DucttapeNinja (author)  Music man4 years ago
I made 2pixels = 1inch, but that was partly because I only had so much fabric. The cool thing is that you could change a pixel measurement to pretty much anything for different sized creepers.
BryceOwen4 years ago
Is there any chance of getting your pattern in a larger, clearer format?
DucttapeNinja (author)  BryceOwen4 years ago
That is something I am hoping to get to soon, the current one was just a placeholder to get this published on time. Thank you for your input.
Thanks! I've actually started working on one of these for my wife's anniversary gift. (She ADORES creepers.) What measurements did you use for the face? (I'm thinking I'm just going to color the fabric in black rather than try to attach or embroider it.)
H1T4TCH14 years ago
i love(d) minecraft as well! it's awesome that ppl make things from minecraft now !