Picture of Minecraft Sword
      Hello Minecraft fans!
 Have you ever felt the urge to be more involved in the minecraft world but still cant get enough?
Or perhaps your mother kicks you out of the house at regular intervals to get that unnecessary vitamin D!
Fear no longer of this happening to you because you can defend yourself from your mom or the deadly creepers
that lurk outside your fence. 

All you have to do is print this glowing gold sword from the file that is provided!
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Step 1: Materials Needed

- A printer to make this Minecraft Sword.

- Material for the printer.

- An amazing imagination!

Here are the files that you are going to need to print out this amazing prop!

Step 2: Printing

Picture of Printing
        Now that you got the files from the previous step you can now print! Make sure that you follow the directions designated the owner of the 3D printer. 

- I will not be held liable for any broken machines! 
supermanenoch7 months ago


coolbeanz998911 months ago
You can use perler beads and melt them for color and it's less costly @newelljalynn
3d ink is costly
What is the sword made of?