Introduction: Minecraft TNT

Picture of Minecraft TNT

Crafting TNT

Step 1: Get Materials to Craft Minecraft TNT

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Cardboard tubes -9 tubes

Wick - 6 inches

Rock Hard

Red Spray paint


Paper tape

Flash powder -10 grams

Lighter to light wick

Black Marker

Step 2: Attach Cardboard

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Glue cardboard tubes together by attaching them side by side with a thin line of glue. Let glue dry.

Step 3: Using Glue and Paint

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After glue has dried paint the cardboard tubes with red paint.

Step 4: Sides and Bottom of TNT

Picture of Sides and Bottom of TNT

When the paint has completely dried mix a small amount of rock hard with water. Fill the bottom of the middle tube 1/4" from bottom to make a plug for your flashpowder.

Turn the tubes to the top side. Take the flashpowder (10grams) and pour into middle tube with plug in bottom.

Insert wick into middle tube.

Step 5: Top of TNT

Picture of Top of TNT

Mix enough Rock Hard to plug each tube at the top. Make sure to keep wick straight in middle tube as it dries.

Step 6: Label Your TNT

Picture of Label Your TNT

Using the tape (with some help) wrap around TNT once. Write the letters T-N-T using the black marker.

Step 7: Detonate Crafted TNT

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With adult supervision while at a safe distance of at least 50 feet away from other people, buildings, etc., detonate TNT by lighting the wick.

Step 8: Start Mining

Picture of Start Mining

Collect your ores.

Step 9: Minecraft TNT Instructable Videos

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Gunter187 (author)2015-06-23

that's soooooooooooooooooo coooooooooooool!

richardlee (author)2014-03-21


richardlee (author)2014-03-21

it so coooooooool

RCRiley (author)2014-03-20

Well this is how it worked for me. This project was a homeschool math lesson in weights and measuring and a history on fireworks.

richardlee (author)2014-03-20

im a kid how to covince your parents to let me make it

Misac-kun (author)2014-03-06

You could split the wick to the other tubes of the TNT just like this

RCRiley (author)Misac-kun2014-03-06

Great idea!! I could try that on my next project. Since I only used 10grams in the middle tube, and I believe the safe limit is 50 grams per bomb in a rural area, I could do 10 grams in 5 tubes and split the wick like you suggested. Thanks.

Misac-kun (author)RCRiley2014-03-06

Just don't blow yourself and the world.

14gfraley (author)2014-03-05

Is there someway of posting this video so we could see?

14gfraley (author)2014-03-04

Did it really blow up? Or just "flash"?

RCRiley (author)14gfraley2014-03-05

The TNT did blow up. I have the video but wasn't sure I could add it to my Instructable.

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