Minecraft Tutorial Quickie #2 - Tiny Ocean Liner!


Introduction: Minecraft Tutorial Quickie #2 - Tiny Ocean Liner!

About: I am an 8th grade bloke that got into Instructables. I am basically here to show you how to make stuff :-D

Hello, my name is AssassinzSinpZ and today I am finally back after my long absence with a new Minecraft Quickie - a tiny RMS Empress of Russia. Hope you enjoy, and leave a comment and a like. Thanks for reading!

Step 1: Under Hull/Belly

This step is quite simple, you just lay a 12 block long red stained clay line 1 block underwater. You then add 9 blocks to the sides accordingly.

Step 2: Over Water Hull

This step is also very easy, you just add black stained clay on top of the red stained clay accoordingly.

Step 3: Superstructure

This step requires a lot of quartz and is very intricate, but it is very easy if you follow the pictures.

Step 4: Bridge, Funnels, and Deck Details

This step is probably the easiest one, you just add a quartz slab in the middle on top of the 3 quartz stairs in front. You also add 3 cobblestone walls divided by one block, and another quartz slab behind the third cobblestone wall.

Step 5: Aannnd... You're Done!

You have completed this small and easy tutorial, good job! Please leave a like and a comment, and follow me for more!

Peace out, told you it would be quick.



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    Just for the lols, made a white version. (Don't mind the 2 funnel liner in the background)

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    Lol you are like the first person online to understand. XDDD Everyone else is like "WHAT DI HECK YO DON'T PLAY MINECRAFF???" XDDD I'm like "Chill! Soon, hopefully soon."

    Yes, most of the people who play MC are kids, you gotta treat them specially.