Minecraft Ult.Castle Walkthrough Part 2


Introduction: Minecraft Ult.Castle Walkthrough Part 2

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Here's what's left of the ult.castle walkthrough for you all to enjoy. I shall point out that I am focusing on another project some parts may seem unfinished, but there will be a couple of tutorials which will come during the week.

Step 1: Beacon Tower

Inspired by Minas Tirith, this beacon tower stops burning when emergency is declared. Powered by many 5x5 netherack blocks, the tower and thickened my multiple stone layers to ensure secure flames.

Step 2: Catapults!

These awesome decorations are surprisingly complex to build, and are my own creation. They are the only supporting artillery the citadel has, and depends on the walls and dug in fortifications to survive. I will post a tutorial combined with the statues later on in the week.

Step 3: The Kings Pass

This secure pathway/bridge is the only entrance to the throne hall. The wooden walkway provides excellent views of the citadel and all surrounding areas.

Step 4: The Throne Room

This sadly isn't finished, but this is my first attempt at a big throne room, my new project will certainly be better I assure you. The throne room replaces the hard cobblestone with a sturdy hard floor. The stairwell leads to the many rooms that so far are non existent :P

Step 5: View From the Throne

The actual throne is a very fun thing to build, as your imagination can run wild! This one isn't very good I say, but my new one will be much better.

Step 6: Coming Soon

Yes this hasn't been the best finale to a walkthrough, but it certainly has introduced some excellent ideas for tutorials which I will surely show very soon!

Anything else?



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    Very cool build. Wish I could find it for my pocket edition!

    I play this one pocket edition and it doesn't qork

    for pocket edition only, but it is called Dumbocow

    2014 18:44.jpg

    Pls give the CORRECT seed thx

    Ya where's the seed I mean it's NOT dumbocow

    Add a dungeon of some kind. Can't have a castle without a dungeon.