Minecraft Ultimate Castle!





Introduction: Minecraft Ultimate Castle!

Hi everyone, happy 2014! Very sorry for the mahoosive delay, but something happened :P

I had promised you the Elven Underground Palace inspired by the Hobbit part 2, but something happened... It caught fire, literally! A major update to pocket edition brought new things, amazing things like TNT and fire, and I got carried away, so no underground palace, instead I spent these months creating something better, the Ultimate Castle, which will not disappoint :D

Step 1: The Guided Tour

Welcome to the Ultimate Castle, pocket Minecraft style! Built hard into the rock and earth, this gargantuan fortress took a staggering 2/1 months to complete from start, to well now...it's still under the last little bits of detail :P inspired heavily by Erebor and Helms Deep and medieval castles, inside the main citadel holds 3 deep layers of markets, forges and the vaults which will be unveiled very very soon (before the week is up I promise)

Step 2: The Throne Hall

The Throne Hall is connected to the Citadel via the majestic bridge. The hall contains the Granite Throne, the lead power of the overall castle. This luxurious palace is home to the lead aristocrats and royals.

Step 3: The Floating Village

This humble village is home to the many townspeople, who are a major part of the Citadels success. Complete with it's very own bank, lighthouse, and the many houses. This village/dock is located right opposite the castle gates!

Step 4: Coming Soon...

Very soon...sorry this has been a rushed quick guide, due to my busy life and terrible phone :P but I do promise to show you ladies and gentle spoons everything, EVERYTHING! By the end of the week, it'll be something you won't wanna miss :D in the meantime, keep building :)



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Hey ya'll! im so sorry for abruptly stopping my builds, but life kicked in; college, jobs, rent, etc..... To answer your questions:

The seed died when my phone died! all these builds were created on an iphone 4, which perished a year ago :( so i am sorry, but the seed that i gave out must of been incorrect, this is not a fake! im not a swindler, there is no reason for me to fake my creations, i dont get paid for this.

I found the seed for the basic area via online. google Minecraft PE seeds, and there will be loads of sites to help you.

Maybe i will get back to my designing once i get the time to do so, but until then thank you for your support, i never expected 90,000 views!

Many Thanks


It spawned me on top of a tree in the middle of a forest

Wait, what's the seed for it?????

Found an awesome MCPE seed last night.

It has 3 cities at the spawn, one is a water city with a well and farms, one is a basic city with stronghold tower, well, farms and blacksmith and one is a desert city with a well, farms and a stronghold tower.

Water City:
8 farms
1 well

Basic City: (SPAWN)
1 stronghold tower
1 blacksmith
1 well
6 farms

Desert City:
1 stronghold tower
1 well
6 farms

Seed: 1146052256 or tweettweet
Seed discovered by: Daniel Paul Evans
Date: Sunday Feb. 21st 2016


do u spawn near it at all or do you search for it at a certmain direction for a certain amount of blocks?

I tried on my iPhone the seed dumbocow, it's only a island (filled of sand) in the sea

it's only sand and around water

I really want that castle