Minecraft: Underwater Transportation and Fort





Introduction: Minecraft: Underwater Transportation and Fort

In a Minecraft world full of war, you need a brilliant place to hide so your enemy can't find you... Or it could be a peaceful underwater getaway like the one I built. Working underwater can be a tricky thing but hopefully this tutorial will help you and give you tips to aquatic survival. I will be showing you how to make an underwater minecart rail and a house. This was a tough build and I experienced bumps along the way so I hope this is the most efficient way to build this project. If you think of a more convenient way express your opinion kindly in a comment and while you are there mash the like button if you didn't drown. Thanks MC Wiki for the idea now let's get started.

Step 1: Entry Room

I built this on a world with a seed name of "Hai thR minecrafters" It is actually a good survival island world. It has a few trees and cows. Before building the train or building you will need a room to access your underwater subway.

Step 2: The Torpedo

Step 3: Underwater Hangout

Step 4: Finishing the Torpedo

Step 5: Be Creative



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    I understand most of what you did, but some of the steps could use a bit more explanation.

    But it's sorta complicating tho....

    Nope, it's an underwater hideout.

    ......um.......is this a sunken ship??

    cool, and I might try that one day... in especially since I use voltz (the mod pack, search it UP!) so the enemy have MISSILES!?!

    Very neat design, I love the concept of underwater mass transit system. Thanks for sharing!