Im going to be showing you how to make a cannon that shoots upwards! you will need the things in my hotbar and to make a cross as shown in the picture

Step 1: Do This and That

know add dispensers and blocks as shown. (Also you dont need to use iron blocks. use what you want to)

Step 2: And This

know add water and a frame :D

Step 3: Wire It Up 1

Know start wiring it up. place the repeaters and redstone as shown. (put all repeaters on highest tick)


know wire up the rest of it. fill up the dispensers. and fire! :D thankyou for your time *SMILEYFACE*

<p>work very good i made it 6 times</p>
<p>I've tried tons of times to create one of these! thanks!</p>
<em>AHEM :D</em>

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