Picture of Minecraft World Cake
Here is a minecraft world cake I put together.  Really quite easy and very popular!  We went out for laser tag for my son't birthday and several people came up to take pictures of the cake!

I made a double batch of chocolate cake (I only make cakes from scratch, I use the Betty Crocker Best Chocolate Cake recipe)

I baked this in a 1/4 sheet cake pan.

I then cut out hunks of cake and assembled them on a Simple Additions large platter from Pampered Chef.  The plate measures 15 inches square to give you an idea how big the cake was.

Underneath and in between layers, I put a thin layer of chocolate filling to keep the layers from shifting.  Then I put a flat layer of green frosting on the top of each section.  The recipe I use is 1/2 cup shortening, 1/2 cup butter, 1 Tbsp vanilla, 1/2 Tbsp meringue powder, 4 cups powdered sugar and approximately 2 Tbsp milk to thin.

I thinly sliced rice krispie treats to create the beach.  I used a sharpie to draw the squid directly on the plate, then covered the water area with blue gel icing.

The trees are make of cut up rice krispie treats.  I then mixed food coloring, 1 Tbsp corn syrup and 1 Tbsp water to make a paint for the trees.  I'd let this dry at least a day before using, as it was a little gooey.  Otherwise, dry them with a hairdryer.  The tree trunks are kit kat bars.  I inserted toothpicks at each end to attach the tree top and to stabilize in the cake.

Steve, the Creeper and the pig came from  However, the creeper is bigger than Steve, so you may want to google minecraft papercraft to find a different set.
DillyTante made it!1 month ago
Not as good as the original. The icing wasn't as dark as I hoped but that still used whole tube of colouring! Husband took hours making the figures. Daughter v impressed though.
britty.brookes.7 made it!7 months ago

made this for my husbands birthday.. super easy. my trees fell over and the rice crispy teats didn't stay together though.. right after i took the pic they fell apart.

Bigglieboo made it!9 months ago

Thanks for the idea! The cake was a total hit at my son's 6th birthday! I used blue Jello for the water. The cubes were kind of hard to cut but didn't turn out too bad. :)

FPSXGames1 year ago

Wow, what a creative cake idea, nice one. The site has loads of Minecraft themed party ideas.

colonelb31 year ago
Great cake idea! I play baseball lol <3 it!
cool! this would be a good cake for my brother!
Awesome!! Love the tutorial! Genius, lady :-) #sugardome #adragonstale xLaurieClarkex on Pinterest :-)
ohsewkaren (author) 2 years ago
Thanks, love that someone used my Instructable. Can you post a picture? I have a request for another one and would love to see yours!
dylso572 years ago
Very good idea just made cake modified it a little but awesome thanks for the tips definitely recommend A++++
Golden77662 years ago
mrilko2 years ago
I like cake and I like Minecraft. :)
scci2 years ago
give me, now
me-again1002 years ago
That is awesome. I know what cake my son is getting for his birthday this year.
mikeasaurus2 years ago
Great cake, I like the attention to detail by including the squid.
looop452 years ago

nice job.
That would be really cool!!!
ohsewkaren (author) 2 years ago
I completely forgot the candles. I got the idea for this cake from this one, and she had candles that looked like cool.
That is awesome!! You should have put the candle in the creeper!
That is a sweet cake! It would be so fun to have that for a birthday :)