Minecraft X-ray





Introduction: Minecraft X-ray

This X-ray is great you can see mobs, caves, lava, spawners, Ect... Hope you enjoy.

Step 1: What You Need

What you need for this instructable is

1 Piston

1 Block of TNT

1 Lever

1 Night vision

2 Blocks of your choice

Step 2: What You Do

Drink you night vision dig down and make a hole 3x2 an 2 high. Place your 2 block at one side of the room the place the lever piston and TNT as shone in the picture then get behind the TNT and pull the lever. Its amazing what you can see. I hope you enjoyed this instructable. If you did check out my others. Don't forget to vote. :)



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    Does it work to see into houses

    this does work on a pc however as of a few months ago I did it and did not need any potion

    the night vision is just to help you see better.

    This happened to me one time and I figured it was a glitch. But what made me mad is that I had built a mansion and there was lava and caves inside my house too! Wonderful 'ible!

    It's really cool and awesome and stuff but is this on the iPod/pic/Xbox?

    I tried it on the pocket edition and computer but it only works on the Xbox.

    It is on the xbox but I am not sure if it works on the Pc or PE edtions I have never tried it on them if I do I will tell you.