Minecraft Arrow Cannon





Introduction: Minecraft Arrow Cannon



Step 1: Materials

2 powered rail, 1 detector rail, 1 minecart, 1 despenser, 2 redstone torches, and a LOT of arrows.

Step 2: How to Make It

If you are dumb and can't figure out how to make it by the pictures, then TOO BAD!

Step 3: Bigger One

This one was a bit bigger, but I wanted the other one.

You can make the track longer for a bigger delay.



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    As cool as this is, there are other ways to do this (I will do an instructable in a little bit)

    It would just be easier (and more efficient) to hook up a dispenser to a 1 tick repeater clock

    Yes, I agree. But if you set it up with my epic minecraft defense system, another instructable, this is better. (I do admit that at the time, when I made this, I didn't know much about redstone)

    It's K. I'm not hating, and I'm not exactly a redstone engineer either

    you can run a server off your computer with bukkit but that uses up a lot of internet.
    or you can pay for minimum 40NZD a month for a completely dedicated server......
    If the server is good enough, Mojang pay you to keep it open (that's what me and my friend did). to run it off your computer you will need at lest 2 gigs of RAM and a good processor.

    Adminium is something that lets you control your server from ur iPod.

    IDK what adminium is but running bukkit servers is easy

    OMG its so simple. i cant beleive i didnt think of it before... hang, just let me check on my server....... (=

    :D Server you sayyyyyy? I realy need help making one. can u PM me? i need one that has bukkit and works with adminium :D