Step 1: Materials

2 powered rail, 1 detector rail, 1 minecart, 1 despenser, 2 redstone torches, and a LOT of arrows.

Step 2: How to Make It

If you are dumb and can't figure out how to make it by the pictures, then TOO BAD!

Step 3: Bigger One

This one was a bit bigger, but I wanted the other one.

You can make the track longer for a bigger delay.
As cool as this is, there are other ways to do this (I will do an instructable in a little bit)
It would just be easier (and more efficient) to hook up a dispenser to a 1 tick repeater clock
Yes, I agree. But if you set it up with my epic minecraft defense system, another instructable, this is better. (I do admit that at the time, when I made this, I didn't know much about redstone)
It's K. I'm not hating, and I'm not exactly a redstone engineer either
you can run a server off your computer with bukkit but that uses up a lot of internet.<br>or you can pay for minimum 40NZD a month for a completely dedicated server......<br>If the server is good enough, Mojang pay you to keep it open (that's what me and my friend did). to run it off your computer you will need at lest 2 gigs of RAM and a good processor.
Adminium is something that lets you control your server from ur iPod.
IDK what adminium is but running bukkit servers is easy
OMG its so simple. i cant beleive i didnt think of it before... hang, just let me check on my server....... (=
:D Server you sayyyyyy? I realy need help making one. can u PM me? i need one that has bukkit and works with adminium :D
What kind of server do you want to run?
thank you i had to much read stone in my world for my crappie pc
your welcome
wow great, imma make like 30 of these on my server. i cant believe i didnt think of this<br>
Thanks, I got the idea from someone else, but it turned out to be completely different. <br> <br>See my &quot;Epic minecraft defence system&quot;, It's the same thing exept a larger scale to keep Zombies or creepers or any kind of monster away. <br> <br>Thanks :D

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