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Introduction: Minecraft Automatic Smelter

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This instructable is about how to make an automatic smelter for Minecraft Xbox 360 edition they just updated it and added a lot more stuff like bats and witches and horses and a whole lot more cool things. The automatic smelter is really cool and it will smelt your food anything else you would like to smelt. Hope you enjoy.

Step 1: What You Need

You are going to need
1 furnace
3 chests
3 hoppers
6 blocks of your choice
2 item frames
1 piece of coal
One piece of meat, iron, (or anything else you would put in a furnace to smelt)

Step 2:

First you place 3 blocks then place a hopper on top of the third block. Then place one on the left side of the third block. Now break the 3rd block.

Step 3:

Now place a furnace on that second block then you break the block underneath the furnace and on the one underneath the one you just broke put a hopper facing down. Now break that last bock and put a chest in its place.

Step 4:

Go 4 blocks up on the left side and place and chest over the middle hopper and then take down the bottom three of the 4 blocks now go up 5 blocks on the right side and place a chest over the top hopper now break the bottom four of the five and leave the top one.

Step 5:

Now grab your two items frames and placed them on the two floating blocks that are next to the top 2 chest on the item frame that is next to the top chest place the meat or iron. On the block that is next to the middle chest put a piece of coal or charcoal now put two blocks of your choice on top of each other on the right by the bottom chest on the ground and then on the left side as well this that has no purpose but it makes it look better.

Step 6: How It Works

How it works is you put your meat iron gold or whatever else you want to cook or smelt in the top chess then you put your coal in the middle chest the hoppers underneath the chests then put them into the furnace and when it is cooked or smelted the hopper underneath the furnace puts it in the bottom chest. Well I hope y'all liked this instructable and the new update. I know I am enjoying it if you like my instructable please vote. Thanks



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    Not necessarily if you have several full stacks of stuff you can put it all in a chest and then go away and it will all smelt.

    Did you make an Instructable about this too I'm sorry. I did not know my brother thought of this idea.

    No problem, yes i did enter this design into the mc contest but dont worry about it. I my self got the design off youtube from "mumbojumbo". I made an improvement on the design a short while back to make it twice as fast without making it much bigger.

    My little brother just told me he got the idea from "mumbojumbo" to that is so funny

    Right, when i asked if you had got the idea from someone else i was pretty sure it would be mumbo since as yet he is the only one to post this design on youtube.

    I tried to comment the pic of my modified super smelter but it wouldnt let me upload it.

    They just updated the Xbox edition and they just added hoppers I did not know about your instructable before

    a good automatic furnace go to YouTube Mr crayfish he does Redstone tutorial he also does mods and so on

    Good Job! You got a better picture!!! Try Reposting all of your other instructables with better pictures. It really helps.

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    It would be much easier to just use a furnace, instead of getting glow stone and other things when you already have a furnace in your home.

    1 reply

    You don't have to use glowstone and you can put everything in the chest that you want to melt it doesn't matter what iron, food, gold, whatever.