Step 3: Quilt the cushion front

Iron your 24" square of muslin (or other fabric) and lay it down on a firm surface, smoothing out any wrinkles.  Lay your batting on top of it and finally place your creeper face centrally on top the batting with the right side uppermost.

Pin your layers securely together so that the layers do not shift while you quilt them.

If you have a walking foot for your sewing machine fit it now and choose a suitable thread for your quilting.  First I used black thread and quilted "in the ditch" around the eyes and mouth and around the border. Then changed to my darning foot, dropped the feed dogs, and did a square spiral in the eyes and the mouth of the the creeper.  Finally, keeping the darning foot fitted, I changed to the variegated green thread, then meander quilted across the mid and light green areas and did a square meander in the black borders

After quilting trim your batting & muslin backing so the edges are even with the edges of the cushion front.