Introduction: Minecraft Double Doors

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Ok have you ever tryed to make a double door in minecraft you know i wont work.

I'll make another instructable when i get at least one comment.

Step 1: Why It Wont Work

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the power to one door needs to be inverted

Step 2: Make It Work

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We need to make a inverter to one door.

Look at my other instuctable "mine craft repeaters"

Step 3: Make It Pretty

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make i pretty.  the door stayed oped when i changed the lever for pressure pads so i re inverted both sides


nijaiseeyou (author)2016-07-05

Check out my way of doing it.

TigerNod (author)2011-09-23

Not too bad, but there is an easier and much more compact way of doing this.

tictaclad (author)2011-06-07

how do you have windows on the doors??

LoneWolf (author)tictaclad2011-06-16

He's using a texture pack

tictaclad (author)LoneWolf2011-06-17

which one?

LoneWolf (author)tictaclad2011-07-27

I don't know, you'd have to ask him.

brandon borick (author)tictaclad2011-06-27

lets you make your own

volvox21 (author)2011-04-17

this helps thanks

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