Introduction: Minecraft Fully Auto Tnt Cannon

Just a little explosive fun.

Step 1: Find Your Location, It Should Be Raised.

Step 2: Build a Flat Platform

Step 3: Build Dispensers in This Pattern

Step 4: Put Blocks on Top of the Dispensers Like This

Step 5: Now Roof It in and Build These Walls

Step 6: Put a Fence in the Bottom Towards the Front

Step 7: Put a Pressure Pad on Top of It

Step 8: Fill the Farthest Back Parts With Water on 1st and 2nd Layers

Step 9: Put Redstone on Like This

Step 10: Just a Little More

Step 11: Make Sure It Works

Step 12: Break the Torch

Step 13: Break and Replace One Redstone to Send It Into Clock Mode

Step 14: Turn Off and Fill the Dispensers With Tnt

Step 15: Set Back Into Clock Mode

Step 16: Enjoy the Fireworks

Step 17:


Mousepotato33 (author)2016-09-19

Minecraft TNT cannon

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