Picture of Minecraft grass phone charm
This little beauty is a cell phone charm based off of a grass block from Minecraft. (I shouldn't have to tell you that though) It's really cool actually, and not that hard to make. Here are the ingredients in this crafting masterpiece.
1. thin cardboard. Like the kind that make cereal boxes.(The grass isn't the only thing that's green)
2. a tiny piece of green paper.
3. Some green paint.
4. Some green, brown, and grey markers.
5. string.
6. hot glue
7. super glue
8. Mod Podge
9. scissors
10. regular glue
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Step 1: Cut the cardboard to size

Picture of Cut the cardboard to size
Now cut the cardboard into strips that are one centimeter wide. The length doesn't matter. Take the strips and cut them into little one by one centimeter squares. Make quite a few.

Step 2: Glue the pieces together

Picture of Glue the pieces together
Glue all the little squares together so that you have a little one by one by one centimeter cube. I glued them together by stacking them and then holding them between my fingers while I coated the outside with hot glue. Now on the sides where the layering shows add more pieces of cardboard and clamp them together until they dry. (I didn't use hot glue for this because if you have used hot glue before you might know that if it's not really hot you won't be able to get the pieces real close together). Once it is done drying just trim the edges of the piece of cardboard you just put on. Now just glue a piece of green paper to the top of the block (this is for the grass) and repeat the process for gluing the cardboard together for the green piece.

Step 3: Color the dirt and grass in

Picture of color the dirt and grass in
For starters, the grass that droops over the edge was painted on with green acrylic paint. The paint should be pretty close to the color of the top of the block. Now just take markers and color in the pixelly litle splotches. To keep your phone charm safe cover it in several layers of Mod Podge. Plus this will make your block shiny!
A1v1n14 years ago
umm its not called a crawlers but creepers
ATOMIKMONKEY (author)  A1v1n14 years ago
I don't have a computer right now, but I'll fix it when I do. My phone won't let me edit it.
ATOMIKMONKEY (author)  A1v1n14 years ago
Haha, sorry. I was pretty new to the game when I made this. Still a stupid typo though. Thanks for pointing it out.
doomsdayltd4 years ago
lol im making one out of clay, and its going to be a crafting table :D
ATOMIKMONKEY (author)  doomsdayltd4 years ago
That is going to be sweet! Show me when you finish.
xProShotx4 years ago
This should be a finalist!
ATOMIKMONKEY (author)  xProShotx4 years ago
Cool, thanks! I wish it would have been a finalist.....
ArtfulAl4 years ago
great instructable! this will look great next to my weighted companion cube keychain!
ATOMIKMONKEY (author)  ArtfulAl4 years ago
Thanks I like getting feedback. I'll have to see this companion cube keychain of yours