Minecraft House





Introduction: Minecraft House

A house that is easy to build pretty big but easy and cool looking

Step 1: Frame

20x12 house windows 3x2 wood frame 5x4 popped out once the edges and borders are OAK WOOD

Step 2: 2nd Floor

you do the same thing as the bottom floor 2nd border OUTSIDE HOUSE OAK WOOD

Step 3: Roof

use oak wood to create roof and wooden stairs to cover it add attic window lined with the doors

Step 4: Backyard

i added animals a creeper and some dogs you could do it different

Step 5: Little Place Front

i did a sqaure 3x3 middle add a extra black of QUARTZ go up 5and do the top using slabs

Step 6: Finished

now just add decorations and cool looking trees



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    this is SUCH a nice house!!

    Awesome, Love the House and stuff but please do better explaining with the instructions.

    That is a very cool house you did GREAT!!! :D

    That is a pretty house! You did a good job! I might build this sometime! :)

    i meant to say potential

    hmmmm nice

    im a procrafter and part of a build team,you have potent

    very good build but on the picture it seems the dimension of the house is 26x20?