Welcome, to the world of my Minecraft in the Cupboard Paper dollhouse instructable.

Tools that you will need:

1: Glue gun

2: Scissors

3: Printer

4:Saw (if needed)

5: Paint (if needed)

Step 1: Find an Object to Hold Dollhouse

I bought a house recently, this was in the bathroom. I sawed off the bottom to prepare. You could leave it on and create another level, like for lava, etc...

Step 2: Backing

It didn't have a back to it, so I had some spare insulation foam from another project. I painted it black to simulate a cave. Then I attactched it to the back of the shelf.

Step 3: Print Time

I went to www.pixelpapercraft.com and printed out the blocks I wanted to use. Then I applied the ones to the floor I wanted.

Step 4: Add the Cave Enviroment

I folded some and hot glued them in. To save a little time and money I didn't fold and tiled them to the back, then fold some to create the 3d effect to the cave

Step 5: Time to Get Your Characters and Finish

Now all you need is to print out your Characters you want...I mean your kids want to play with :).

I use hot glue, but if your kids are helping, maybe safer to use stick glue.

This is a cheap easy way to have fun with your kids making something they like.

I almost spent no money.

I will say, have these printed at staples, or office max if you want a really high quality print as well as a stronger paper.

Step 6:

<p>nice!! RLY COOL!!!</p>
<p>can you fix the link to pixelpapercraft.com and also link to the website where you got the cubees, becuase those are not from PPC</p>
<p>All the paper cutouts I got were from www.pixelpapercraft.com</p>
<p>oh, becuase those are cubeecrafts blocks, they shouldn't be on pixelpapercraft.com it's against the rules...</p>
<p>Very cute!</p>
<p>Very nice and creative way to have a Minecraft cave in the house. Voted for you.</p>
<p>Thank you very much</p>

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