Introduction: Minecraft Play Scene

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ok so this is what I have been working on for most of my free time pease comment and rate!

to make the creeper see my latest instructable:


you will need:
1. Printer
2 photo stock or hard paper
glue, or tape
4. some thing sharp like a knife, or a sharpened pencil

3... 2... 1... LET THE MINING BEGIN

oh yeah I also have MC pig and Enderman coming so subsribe!

Step 1: FILES!!!! WOO HOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Picture of FILES!!!! WOO HOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

contents are:


Step 2: Steve!

Picture of Steve!

1. Fold head so it looks like mine
2. fold body so it looks like mine
3. fold arms so they look like mine
4 make legs

picture one is head

picture two is body

picture three is him completed

Step 3: Chest

Picture of Chest

Fold the chest so it looks like a cube

Step 4: Creeper

Picture of Creeper

Step 5: Your Done

Picture of Your Done

and why was there something sharp you ask well hee it is print of the axe and put a hole in his hand a tape it on so he can mine and attack Creepers


mrilko (author)2013-05-20

Nice guide. I love the looks of papercrafting but I'm not really the type of person who does it.. :)

Atlas Portal 2 (author)mrilko2013-09-28

Meh. I suck at it. If you get the right supplies though.

Atlas Portal 2 (author)2013-09-05

Thanks guys.

mcreative (author)2013-05-18

That's awesome. Great job!

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