Introduction: Minecraft Super Besieger Battleship

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Hey all! Sorry for no activity, much much work :P but here is my latest work: The Milanese Besieger Battleship! This massive Man O' War dwarves my previous ship.

Step 1: Basic Summery

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The Milanese Besieger Battleship is a 4 deck, 36 gun monster! Contains 2 gun decks, quarter deck, and a cargo deck right down below.

Step 2: It's Also Pretty Long! :P

Picture of It's Also Pretty Long! :P

It takes around 15 seconds to walk from one end to the other.

Step 3: The Captains Cabin Exterior

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This cabin is much, MUCH bigger than it's predecessor! Made with the finest light oak block. On top houses one of two wheels needed to move this gargantuan behemoth! Of course laden with the Milanese carpets.

Step 4: The Captains Cabin Interior

Picture of The Captains Cabin Interior

Inside this deluxe cabin houses a decent desk overlooking the ocean, a map table and marvelous carpets and paintings.

Step 5: And More Neccesary Things

Picture of And More Neccesary Things

Adjacent to the front door is a working toilet never before seen on any creation! :D

Step 6: Second Deck Cabins

Picture of Second Deck Cabins

Below the captains cabin features 3 cabins for the highest ranking officers of the battleship: the Two Helmsman and the Navigator. Very luxurious indeed.

Step 7: Gun Deck 2

Picture of Gun Deck 2

This lengthy gun deck is brimming with deadly cannons capable of total decimation. Complete with chests full of gunpowder and shot.

Step 8: Cargo Hold and Stairs to Third Level

Picture of Cargo Hold and Stairs to Third Level

This abscess is capable of unloading huge amounts of cargo needed for long voyages. Now onto the quarter deck...

Step 9: Quarter Deck

Picture of Quarter Deck

Complete with enough beds for a crew of 40, the quarter decks provide enough comfort for long journeys, with space for dancing + drunken debauchery :D

Step 10: It Even Has a Kitchen!

Picture of It Even Has a Kitchen!

Complete with 2 ovens and plenty of supplies.

Step 11: Quarter Deck Guest Rooms

Picture of Quarter Deck Guest Rooms

The most luxurious rooms in the ship bar the captains. With much needed comfort +!

Step 12: Storage

Picture of Storage

3 empty come hulls underneath with enough space for plenty of chests.

Step 13: Well There You Go

This build took a LONG time to build, best of 3 months :/ hope you enjoyed seeing this final product, and if you have any questions regarding it's build, plz comment and I may make a few tutorials :) next build will be an underground Elvenking palace, which will be unveiled just before the release of the Desolation of Smaug!


DwarvenMithril (author)2014-02-25

Ha through the power of pure imagination, and pocket edition, so I can make everything on the go! :D

Nice ship! I made an instructable on one that has 78 guns

Zenzefer45 (author)2014-05-08

I once made a battleship onminecraft that went toe to toe with my friends. we both made wooden ones. he won that battle. but then we made iron ships. I made my capital ship from my own country. it was the ZD/ZX lines own Adolf von Zenzefer III. i won the rest of the battles after that.

frodo9879 (author)2014-02-25

how do you come up with all these awesome builds?

Bobey (author)2013-11-28

I want to make one so can you send me some pics like underwater and above maybe dimension how high it is how wide and long

Ryanoxpqz (author)2013-11-14

I can't wait for the hobbit!

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