Introduction: Minecraft Super-fast Dye Farm Tutorial

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Hi everyone, in this tutorial I will be showing you a design for an ultra fast and resource friendly dye farm for minecraft version 1.8.

Step 1: Starting Off

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To make this you will need: a dispenser, redstone dust, a repeater, 2 of any block type and optionally a chest and hopper.

Put down the 2 blocks with the dispenser on top.

Step 2: Redstone

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Place about 5 redstone dust behind the dispenser then 2 repeaters opposite each other with dust connecting them.

Step 3: Setting It Up

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Set the redstone pulse going by placing and breaking a redstone torch next to one of the dust.

Step 4: Growing the Flowers

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To give the machine more storage, place a hopper on top of the dispenser with a chest onto of that.

Load it up with bonemeal, place a two block high flower directly in front of it and just let the flowers flow into your inventory.


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