Introduction: Minecraft Village

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Make a minecraft village in survival of creative.

Step 1: Gather Some Zombies!

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Find 2 or more villager zombies (the one's with the big nose) and place them in a cage with a roof. Don't do what i did, you should keep them in seperate cages for safety.

Step 2: Turning Them Into Villagers

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Make a splash potion of weakness and trow it at them. Now right click them with a (non enchanted) golden apple.

Be sure to keep them in seperate cages!

Step 3: Wait for the Villagers

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Zombies will shake when they are turning into a villager. After a few minutes they will turn into villagers.

NOTE: I was lucky and got a farmer (villager with brown clothes), but you don't need him when starting your village.

Step 4: Make Houses

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Make a few houses with alot of doors, for every 3 doors a village can support 1 villager.

Be sure to make walls around the village so monsters can't get in.

Step 5: Give Your Villagers Food

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Villagers need 2 things to mate : enough doors in the village and


You can achieve that (willigness) by giving them bread,potatoes and carrots or by trading with them.

Step 6: Waiting...

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After waiting a while you should see harts, this means villagers want to mate.

Once two villagers are giving each other harts at the same time a baby will appear!

Step 7: Build a Farm

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If you have a farmer you should build a farm (wheat,carottes or potatoes).

The farmer will farm and plant back, once the farmer has enough food the farmer will trow food at other villagers.

Once you have enough farms and farmers you don't have to manually feed them.

Step 8: Enjoy!

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with enough patience and houses your village will become big


Austydude (author)2015-07-25

Awesome Village! Nice Way Of Turning The Zombie Villagers Back Into Regular Villagers!

Ejammer101 (author)2015-06-11

Does this work on MCPE because I im building it right now

calpal149 (author)2015-04-04

Will this work on the PS4?

jarnozoxx (author)calpal1492015-04-04

I'm not sure because i don't have the console version but i think you're not able to make villagers from zombies. That's why you need to steal villagers from another village with tracks or a water stream. I also believe you don't have to feed them.

You can always check in creative if this is true.

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