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Introduction: Minecraft:4 Top Secret Hidden Doors

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Welcome to Minecraft Pe+Pc! Sometimes when you are playing on the web you need to hide your goods from other players.
Well you need a to have a top secret hidden base to hide your goods so either make your own off other people's or look at 4 from mine there simple and easy!

Step 1: Hidden Tree Base

Find a giant tree then look at the back of it you need to have it covered with leaves at the back of the tree so the players won't notice it.
Then make a big enough that there's a 1x1 hole in there then make a ladder up the wood through the hole and make a ladder about 10 blocks down.
Then store your goods in there then go up the ladder then voila a hidden tree base!

Step 2: Hidden House Base

First start off with a simple small house. Then make something like a emergency exit but behind some wooden logs there is ladders to a secret base!
Starting off make a staircase down 5 blocks then carve into the stone that's there then make a ladder down now after the ladder went down 5 blocks make a 20 block drop make sure there's water at the bottom! (In survival if there wasn't no water you would get hurt!) then make your base do it when the water flow stops so you have to dig in a bit for it to stop! Then make the base store your goods and voila a secret house base (re her when you get up cover your back with that 2 blocked carved in place with wooden logs!)

Step 3: Hidden Door Base

Materials: 2 signs 1 panting 1 crafting bench 1 stonecutter 10 torches a lot of ladders 40 diamond blocks 10 iron blocks gold blocks bookshelves (not in steps)
Large chest and wood so start off with a tiny house looking thing dig in a bit then make a hole about 20 blocks deep.(if you run into a cave its not my fault) then cover up a wall then place any panting which will cover the hole thing then go in the door start making the ladders down dig relay far with 2 paths one with the base one with the dead end make the base on the left the dead end on the right (lots of times I found the base on the right) then start making gold floor then make diamond walls on the R&L Of your base then at the end add iron blocks. Then add the crafting bench large chest stonecutter and furnace is hen voila a hidden door base!

Step 4: Chair Base

This one is the simplest just dig down in a hole for 10 blocks add your ladders when you are going up then make your base add your own stuff to it then add a stair with its tips of log or block with it then voila a chair base!

Step 5: Thank You for 30 Followers!

Thank you for 30 followers! I love it that I have so much followers when I get 35 I will make how to make a widescreen tv!



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    Love the chair one! Definitely following you!

    Good job but online these bases would get raided so easily by hackers or if they weren't hackers then it would be easy to find the base but not the vault itself

    Thanks for the tips!

    Those are very obvious bases. A random staircase in the dessert is sign of people. You break the staircase and oh look. The base. Tree one is the only decent way to hide a base. Or a door behind a waterfall like I use.

    Hi I am sorry that I made some typo's I never looked if I had any.

    Sincerely yours Austydude

    Can anyone comment???

    Sorry I have a bit of typo's