(Minecraft)How to Upgrade to 1.9 Prerelease





Introduction: (Minecraft)How to Upgrade to 1.9 Prerelease

In this tutorial I will show you how to upgrade your minecraft to 1.9 prerelease.

 You only need the following Items:
  1. A fully paid Minecraft account(15 bucks only)
  2.A minecraft 1.9 jar

Step 1: Get a Minecraft 1.9 Jar

Get your minecraft 1.9 jar at the minecraft forums.
The Link would be below this line \/

Step 2: Install the Jar

How to install the jar(For PC) if you you are on a mac, just search it up on google how to install because i'm on a PC
1.Open up your Run application by pressing you Start button key and your R key at the same time. Or you could open up your start window and in the search bar, search: Run
2.Next a window should pop up and then you should open up the Roaming folder and select .Minecraft (Notice the dot before the Minecraft)
3.Open up your bin folder
4.Then take your 1.9 jar and drag it into your minecraft.jar (If it asks to merge, Select YES )
5. Then after merging close everything

Step 3: You Are on the 1.9 Wagon Now :D

Reopen minecraft and now you can now try the 1.9 pre-release before it's officially out.
Now remember to post any bugs on the same forum page where you downloaded the jar from kk.



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    Guys this is literally four years old. It's not for the new 1.9.

    can you tell me plz.



    do i get minecraft 1.9

    um the link doesn't work it says that there is no file here

    minecraft 1.9.1 is amazing go check it out.