This kind of pasties is the ore-digging Miner kind, not these pasties(viewers drop), a pot-pie without the pot (and more viewers drop), a handheld complete meal that was developed for miners to take with them deep down in all kinds of mines all over the world. Rugged enough to be dropped in the dirt, a real hungry-man meal.

The Pasty is pronounced like someone with a Maine-ish Bah Habar accent, Pah-stee not Pay-stee.

Traditionally a calorie-laden bomb for those hardworking miners and made with care by loved ones, this version is a quick and easy update for the modern-day person on the run. One half of the pasty is filled with your entree and the other is your dessert. So, when you take it to go, you can have your dessert and eat it too.

Step 1: Raid the Pantry...


Best is fresh made from scratch, but for demo purposes we will used canned ingredients.

  • Can of Beef Stew, you can also try a can of chili or prepare your own
  • Can of Apple pie filling or any other flavor pie filling
  • Dough for wrapping ( can be prepared pie crust, can of frozen biscuits, can of frozen dinner rolls, pizza dough, phyllo dough, puff pastry or if you have the time and inclination, freshly prepared pie crust)

One 9-inch pie prepared pie crust will make 2 complete Robo-pasties.
I'm definitely going to have to experiment with this. I never thought to use flat dough before. I've made a variant on these, but it's always been with crescent roll dough, so they come out super fluffy, and I don't have as much room for actual filling. Jlist has some really cute cookie cutters and stamps for bento - I'll have to try using them on these too. :) Thanks for the instructable!
Crescent rolls/croissant dough seems a little too fragile for something like this. The fillings are a little more liquid and heavy. The thicker pie crust seems to do the trick with containing the mess. Try the prepared pizza crust roll dough too. Have fun!
Whats a pasty?
Here is the <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.cornishpastyco.com/">food pasty</a>.<br/>
looks very tasty. I can't find where it says what a pasty is though.
You can go check out the history tab on that site or just oogle the word... The menu of different pasties does sound delicious...
i will later
Cool. Looks good. Hmmm... another meaning of pasties? :O +5/5 stars.
+1 vote too.
Now that summer is almost over, can I start making fun of you again?
Only if you start making comic again. :-)
Check out the <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Instructables-Robot-Cartoons/">latest two</a>. Best to go to the links to get the whole story. I'll keep you in mind for the next one. <br/>
Hahaha i love how you make yummy food and then make it 100X better by making it in the instructables robot shape !! Making me hungry lol 5*
Does this count as cannibalism?
Ummm, I guess...but it was finger-licking-good... :P
Mmmmm. This is oddly disturbing <em>and</em> appetizing, all at once....<br/>
"Rugged enough to be dropped in the dirt, a real hungry-man meal" you get a great rating just for that alone! Haha cute, great job!
As long as it doesn't stay on the ground for more than 5 seconds, you are good to go. Then again, you can't see what you are eating in a dark mine.
Looks tasty, leave the pie filler out and it wouldn't be far off of a cornish pasty, in shape and taste...
Oggy, oggy, oggy...

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